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The most important thing in setting up a successful photo booth is giving yourself enough time to drive through traffic, find the unloading spot, take everything out of the car, strap everything onto a dolly, and scope out the perfect spot to set up.

Although we always inform the client about our setup preferences, there have been some previous events where the photo booth location was way too small, or there was no clear path to bring in the equipment, or we had to take a golf cart to an area where there was no electricity set up yet. 

Anything can happen, and that is why it is always a good idea to plan to reach the venue at least 90 minutes before the opening so you can be prepared for any last-minute changes.

It typically takes around 45 minutes to set up, including taking some test shots. The goal is always to be ready to shoot photos at least 15 minutes before the “start” time. Therefore, you should have everything unloaded and scoped out 60 minutes before officially opening for business. Add an extra 15 minutes if you are planning to set up outdoors with a canopy.

Before you load up your vehicle with all the equipment, ensure you have the proper photo booth case, backdrop, printer, extra toner & paper, and any back-up supplies you might need. There is a checklist on the Event Detail Sheet that is given before each event. Please make sure you double-check all the items you need to take to the event and return the item to the shop.

Packing Checklist

- Photo booth and iPad/tablet
- Printer (if applicable)
- Extra paper and ink (if applicable)
- Backup kit
- Spare cables
- Zip ties
- Screwdriver
- Hot spot
- Lighting equipment


Tables and Stands
- Table or stand for your printer (if applicable)
- Table for props
- Backdrop stand

Props and Decorations
- Props
- Table cloth
- Prop sign
- Rug
- Backdrop

Cleaning and Maintenance
- Prop and iPad cleaner
- Steamer


Tools and Supplies
- Gaffer tape
- Extension cord
- Ladder


Personal Items
- Water
- Gum or mints

Business and Event Essentials
- Computer
- Business cards
- Event brief
- On-site contact info
  - Name
  - Phone number
- Double check arrival time and parking
- Map out travel time to venue

Set-Up Process

1. Unload Equipment: Organize items on the dolly/rolling cart for efficient transport.
2. Setup Location: Ensure enough space (ideally 10×10 feet), avoid blocking exits, restrooms, or high-traffic areas.
3. Backdrop Setup: First item to set up, last to take down.

Testing Your Set-Up

Loading the Event on Your iPad
- Verification: Load the event onto your iPad to verify details and ensure a smooth workflow.
- Testing: Test every possible guest workflow to identify and address issues beforehand.


Printing at the Event
- Issues: Be prepared for unreliable venue Wi-Fi or gated internet access.
- Backup Plan: Have a backup plan like using internal Wi-Fi if external connections fail.


Backup Equipment
- Preparation: Bring backup equipment, including hotspots, extra cables, power sources, and duplicates of critical items.

Guest Interaction

Greeting: Invite guests in and direct them to stand correctly.

Guide guests to avoid shadows and take photos in groups if necessary.

- Explain the process, including countdowns and multiple shots.

- Provide printed and digital copies to guests.

- Politely manage guests waiting for their turn.

Attendant Etiquette


- Avoid chewing gum, using cell phones, eating, drinking alcohol, or sitting during sessions.


- Do not allow children to stand on stools/chairs.


- Dress in semi-formal clothes with a uniform shirt.
- Wear clean, comfortable, dark shoes.


- Always greet guests with a smile and have fun!
- Press the Photo Button for them to enhance the experience.
- Engage with guests and provide encouragement.
- Keep the prop table tidy.
- Avoid using your phone, sitting, eating, or drinking in front of guests.
- Do not drink alcohol.


- Ensure the booth is plugged in and the LEDs are paired.
- If not paired, try unpairing and pairing them again.
- Reconnect the booth to power by disconnecting from the outlet, removing the head, and disconnecting the DC extension cable. Reconnect securely and tighten the screw before reconnecting to power.
- Restart the Salsa app and booth if needed.

Live Gallery
- If the Live Gallery is not up to date or missing captures, check the Salsa iOS app for upload status indicated by a green or red banner.


- If the iPad isn't charging, use a different charging cable outside of the booth to check functionality.
- If it charges outside but not inside, contact Photobooth Supply Co's support team.

Learning Materials

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